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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Philippine travel to USA?

All Americans visiting the Philippines for a tourist stay of 21 days or less are not required to hold a passport upon arrival in the country. An entry visa is given to these short-stay tourists at the port of entry, provided that they are able to present a return trip ticket to America or a ticket for travel to another country within 21 days.

Who can enter Philippines?

Only U.S. citizens with a Philippine visa can travel directly to the Philippines provided that they contact the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate before attempting travel. Filipino citizens’ foreign spouses and children, and former Filipino citizens (including their spouses and children) will be allowed visa-free entry into the country.

Is Philippines Open yet?

First and foremost, the Philippines is not open for tourism just yet. However, this is a major change in the country’s rather strict entry requirements. Until June 30, only people who were vaccinated – in the Philippines – could visit.

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