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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the US Embassy in Manila cancelling passports?

The US Embassy in Manila has canceled the non-emergency appointments for passports and consular reports of birth abroad starting January 11 due to the current surge of COVID-19 cases in the Philippines.

Is the Philippines bullying China in the South China Sea?

MANILA (Reuters) - China will not use its strength to "bully" its smaller neighbours including the Philippines, its foreign minister said on Monday, as he highlighted the importance of settling disputes in the South China Sea peacefully.

Where is the Philippine Embassy in New Zealand?

“The Philippine embassy in Wellington is closely following developments in Tonga, Samoa and Fiji after the eruption of an underwater volcano… triggering tsunamis and strong wave alerts across the Pacific,” the DFA said in a statement yesterday.

Who is the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Philippines?

Chinese deputy foreign minister Fu Ying told the forum that China hopes that whoever wins a Philippine presidential election this May could "wisely, courageously, responsibly carry on Philippines' independent foreign policy."

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