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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the holidays for the US Embassy in Japan?

U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Japan Holiday Date Day of the Week Washington’s Birthday February 15 Monday Golden Week Holidays April 29, May 3-5 (Thurs, Mon-Weds) Memorial Day May 31 Monday Independence Day July 4 Sunday (Observed on Mon, July 5) 14 more rows ...

What are the national holidays in Japan in 2018?

National holiday Apr 29 Wednesday Shōwa Day National holiday May 3 Sunday Constitution Memorial Day National holiday May 4 Monday Greenery Day National holiday May 5 Tuesday Children's Day National holiday May 6

What are the holidays and observances in Japan in 2021?

Holidays and Observances in Japan in 2021 Date Name Type Jan 1 Friday New Year's Day National holiday Jan 2 Saturday January 2 Bank Holiday Bank holiday Jan 3 Sunday January 3 Bank Holiday Bank holiday Jan 11 Monday Coming of Age Day National holiday 27 more rows ...

What's happening at Embassy Tokyo?

Embassy Tokyo hosted its annual "America EXPO" college fair at Ochanomizu Sola City on September 7. More than 2,000 participants met with over 90 U.S. colleges and universities. Details for visitors on how to apply for a visa to the United States. Emergency services, passport guidance, and federal benefits details for U.S. citizens in Japan.

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