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Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I stay in quarantine in Greece?

The Greek Civil Protection authorities may move you to a designated quarantine hotel or allow you to remain in your current accommodation, depending on the circumstances. The cost of accommodation in designated quarantine hotels is covered by the Greek government. The length of quarantine is determined by Civil Protection, typically 10-14 days.

Can the US Embassy in Athens help me enter Greece?

The U.S. Embassy in Athens cannot give you permission to enter Greece or request exceptions to Greece or EU travel restrictions. We also cannot assist you with interpreting Greek regulations beyond the information provided on this website.

Can US citizens travel to Greece due to covid-19?

Check the CDC website for additional information and Frequently Asked Questions, including information on which COVID-19 tests are accepted for U.S. entry. The Department of State has issued a Travel Advisory Level 4 for Greece advising U.S. citizens not to travel to Greece due to COVID-19.

What is the current quarantine policy for patients travelling to Cyprus?

Patients residing in the north and receiving medical treatment in the Republic of Cyprus (and vice versa) may continue to cross without mandatory quarantine, with a 72-hour PCR result.

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