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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a list of attacks on diplomatic buildings?

The following is a list of attacks on diplomatic buildings (embassies, consulates) anywhere in the world. The list does not include attacks on individuals outside or inside an embassy, such as assassinations of ambassadors, or incidents such as letter bombs to individuals.

What happened at the US Embassy in Podgorica?

A gunman, a Wahhabi Islamist, fired on the embassy on 28 October 2011, resulting in one local policeman guarding the embassy being wounded in the arm by the gunman, while the shooter was wounded by a police sniper. A pro-Russian and Serbian-born assailant threw a hand grenade over the wall of the US Embassy in Podgorica.

Why were American and British embassies attacked and burned in Egypt?

American and British embassies were attacked and burned by rioters after false rumors spread in the city that the United States had bombed Cairo. This incident occurred at the start of the Six-Day War.

What happened at the US Embassy in Baghdad in 2003?

Bombs exploded at the US Embassy compound and a private American bookstore. The bombings coincided with Secretary of State John Foster Dulles ' arrival in the city for meetings of the Baghdad Pact. Attack by Croatian Crusader Brotherhood. Mob attack burnt the Embassy and smashed all its windows.

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