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Frequently Asked Questions

Are American troops deployed to Haiti?

American troops have been sent to Haiti on several occasions over the last century, with most recent deployments linked to disaster relief.

What is the US government doing in Haiti?

In addition to the upcoming Marine deployment, Washington has dispatched officers with the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies to assist Haitian authorities with their investigation.

How did the United States take over Haiti in 1916?

The first nine months of Haitian occupation, until April 1916, was overseen by the U.S. military. After imposing rule in Port-au-Prince, U.S. authorities in Haiti looked to find a cooperative president to be duly "elected.".

How many foreign mercenaries killed Haiti's President?

While the Defense Department did not specify how many were trained, the Haitian government has claimed that 28 foreign mercenaries carried out the presidential hit, two of them Haitian-Americans and the rest Colombian nationals.

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