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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download the Beijing US Embassy air quality widget?

You can download the Beijing US Embassy Air Quality Widget on your Android Device directly from the google app store. (你可以从 Google商店 下载此应用). In case the Android app store can not be accessed, you can also directly download the signed apk file. Want your own air quality monitoring station?

What is the Beijing Air Pollution Index and what does it measure?

The data of this App comes from the live feed of US Embassy. What is the Beijing air pollution index and what does it measure? This is a live feed of air quality measurements from a monitoring station in the US embassy in downtown Beijing. The station measures PM2.5 particles.

What does the US Embassy in Beijing do?

U.S. Embassy Beijing. Overview. The US Embassy in Beijing serves as the bilateral mission between China and the United States, housing more than 20 federal agencies. The various offices are listed under Sections and Offices.

Can public data improve China's air quality?

Public disclosure of environmental data can lead to lasting improvements in air quality. However, the CCP’s domestic repression, including limits on press freedoms, slows changes that could reduce emissions and benefit the environment. The U.S. Embassy in Beijing began monitoring the city’s air quality in 2008.

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