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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your policies and procedures up-to-date?

In the Healthcare Industry, written and implemented policies and procedures that are up-to-date are critical. Any employee who is expected to follow your policies and procedures should understand what they are and what steps they must take.

Do you review and update your hospital policies?

Not only must you review and update policies, but you must also disseminate them to employees and train them on new procedures. The constantly evolving provisions of healthcare standards and regulations impact every hospital department in some way.

What are policies and procedures in healthcare?

Policies and Procedures in Healthcare | Ausmed Policies and procedures are the first things an organisation should establish in order to operate effectively. Policies are rules, guidelines and principles that communicate an organisation’s culture, values and philosophies. Procedures provide step-by-step instructions for routine tasks.

How often should policies and procedures be reviewed?

Policy and Procedure Review It cannot be overstated that policies and procedures must be constantly reviewed and updated. Healthcare standards and regulations are constantly fluctuating. At a minimum, these documents should be refreshed annually and each time a new law or regulation is put in place or updated (Gasior 2017; Leahy n.d.).

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