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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Brian laundrie?

Senior correspondent Laura Ingle speaks with Gabby Petito's family regarding the ongoing manhunt for Brian Laundrie. Florida fugitive Brain Laundrie’s whereabouts remain unknown almost four weeks after his parents say they last saw him leaving their North Port home for a hike in a nearby environmental reserve.

Was Brian laundrie a backpacker?

The Laundrie family attorney, Steven Bertolino, described Brian Laundrie as "a backpacker" and pushed back on claims that he was a skilled survivalist.

What was Brian laundrie's personality like?

Brian Laundrie had the personality of a "chameleon" who sometimes lost his temper and always had clean hands despite working with plants and soil, a former co-worker from his native New York also told Fox News.

Could Brian laundrie's motive in past domestic incidents be used as evidence?

Fugitive Brian Laundrie's motive in past domestic incidents could be used as evidence in a court of law if the FBI eventually finds him.

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