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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a medical school update letter?

A medical school update letter is an extra bit of you for the admissions committee to read and learn about. A medical school update letter or medical school letter of intent gets added to your file, and many (but not all) schools will re-examine your application upon receipt of these documents.

What is an example of not sending an update letter?

The first example is of an applicant who did not send an update letter and was not invited to interview, in part because of the absence of an update letter. Caution: an example of what not to do. In this example, an applicant who we will call Mike had been out of college for several years.

Should I include my experience in my update letter?

Perhaps you started an experience after submitting your primary application. Even if you mentioned it in your secondary application, there is a good chance that you will have plenty of details to share with your medical schools in an update letter.

Can I write a letter of interest/update for a specific school?

In fact, it is perfectly fine to write a letter that incorporates updates on your application AND your interests of going to that specific medical school. Typically, we advise students to do a hybrid letter of interest / update letter. The key factor is whether you have notable things to update.

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