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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Oregon CIS?

Oregon CIS is primarily delivered to student and adults through Oregon institutions. CIS has created unique tools to meet the needs of our users.

What is the CIS major at UO?

The UO CIS major provides a broad, comprehensive education that prepares graduates to adapt to future opportunites and to create them. Students interested in a CIS major must meet with with a Tykeson Hall Academic Advisor on the Scientific Discovery and Sustainability (SDS) team prior to declaring the major.

Where is the University of Oregon located?

Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and within a short drive of the Pacific Ocean, the Cascade Mountains, and other beautiful natural areas, the University of Oregon is the perfect destination for people who love the outdoors.

What grades do you need to get out of CIS?

At least 12 credits of CIS upper division elective courses numbered 410 or higher must be taken graded. Students who receive two grades below C- in upper-division core courses, or three grades below C- in any upper division CIS classes, will be removed from the major. Below C- grades are cumulative.

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