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Frequently Asked Questions

Does University of Oregon have a student discount on textbooks?

University of Oregon students and members of the faculty and staff receive a discount off the publisher’s list price of new textbooks and at least 32 percent off used books. Students may resell their books at any time. For the best prices and buy-back dates, visit

Where can I order textbooks and course packets?

If you live in Portland, you may order textbooks and course packets through the UO Duck Store at the White Stag Block. Books will be transferred there from the Eugene UO Duck Store. If you live outside the area, course materials may be ordered and shipped to your location.

Where can I buy art and school supplies in Oregon?

The art and school supplies department in the store basement is Oregon's largest art store south of Portland. As well as housing a wide variety of art and architecture materials, it offers everything you need in school and office supplies.

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