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What does the name GC mean?

What Does Global Catalog (GC) Mean? A global catalog is a distributed data storage that is stored in domain controllers (also known as global catalog servers) and is used for faster searching. It provides a searchable catalog of all objects in every domain in a multi-domain Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS).

What does GC stand for in science?

Gas chromatography (GC) is an analytical technique used to separate and analyze samples that can be vaporized without thermal decomposition. Sometimes gas chromatography is known as gas-liquid partition chromatography (GLPC) or vapor-phase chromatography (VPC). Technically, GPLC is the most correct term, since the separation of components in ...

What is GC current request?

gc current request – A session sends a request for a Current block. This event is the time from the initial request until the LMS process on the remote instance acknowledges the request. Normally, this event is negligible. Should the event show significant wait times, it can be an indicator that either the Cluster Interconnect is saturated or ...

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