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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of buying unlocked cell phones from Best Buy?

With an unlocked device, you can trade up or sell your phone whenever you want, without waiting for the end of a leasing or installment plan. You can also own multiple handsets and swap your SIM card between them.

What is the best unlocked cell phone to buy?

The Galaxy S22+ is our top pick for Android flagship phones. If you buy it directly from Samsung online, you can get an unlocked model that works with the latest 5G networks for all US carriers. You can even get it in some exclusive, online-only colors.

Where can I buy an unlocked cell phone?

You can find any phone from any manufacturer unlocked today. While smartphones are still widely available on contract terms from wireless carriers, you can also purchase them outright at full cost without signing any sort of contract. In either case, the phone will be unlocked, as per the CRTC rules.

Is it cheaper to buy an unlocked phone?

An unlocked cell phone is not as expensive as it sounds – or at least, it doesn’t have to be. Typically, when a new smartphone is released, the only way to get an unlocked version is directly from the manufacturer; all other vendors require a contract with your phone.

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