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Frequently Asked Questions

Does blackboard work with USC-Columbia multifactor authentication?

The previous Blackboard app does not work with USC-Columbia's Multifactor Authentication system. However, the new BB Student app will. This new… How do I update my email address in Blackboard? Blackboard uses the email address set as your Preferred University Email Address. This should always be set to your official… Where can I access Blackboard?

What does blackboard do?

In Blackboard, instructors may post course content, develop online assessments, facilitate peer to peer interactions, send announcements, communicate with students, and maintain and calculate student grades.

What did Kamala Harris say to South Carolina State students?

Vice President Harris to SC State students: ‘We need you.’ U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris on Tuesday called on South Carolina State University students to register to vote and have their voices heard in the American democracy. ORANGEBURG, S.C. — South Carolina State University is experiencing difficulties with its telephone system.

What is SC State University known for?

SC State University, an 1890 land grant, senior comprehensive institution of approximately 2,900 students, is committed to providing affordable and accessible quality baccalaureate, master’s educational specialist and doctoral degree programs.

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