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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the collections of the UW Libraries?

The collections emphasize rare and unique materials. Other UW Libraries collections are UW Bothell Collections, UW Tacoma Collections, and UW Image Bank ( UW restricted ).

What can I find on the University of Washington website?

This site features materials such as photographs, maps, newspapers, posters, reports and other media from the University of Washington Libraries (including Special Collections), University of Washington Faculty and Departments, and organizations that have participated in partner projects with the UW Libraries.

Does the University of Washington have digital access to the Wall Street Journal?

University of Washington students, staff, and faculty can get digital access to The Wall Street Journal online content through the pilot program. Digital access includes current, and historical, issues of the newspaper.

What can I find in a computer science library?

Books, video and other content on computer science and related topics (data science, data visualization, etc.). Published by O'Reilly and others. Open archive digital collections of e-books, online journals, audio and image files, and movies provided by the research library community.

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