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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your review of iUniverse?

IUniverse has been a very friendly and… IUniverse has been a very friendly and cooperative publishing service. I recommend them for first-time authors. Their cost of service is very reasonable.

Is the universe so vast and incomprehensible?

“The universe is so vast, so incomprehensible, so terrifying, that I think it’s quite natural for us to choose to live out our lives completely oblivious to it.”

Is iUniverse a good publisher?

iUniverse does a good job but they can improve. For my latest book with iUniverse, ALL THINGS COMMITTED TO JESUS, I was disappointed that they did not add hardcover and the size of the book is too large. This were two items were taken care in my earlier books but not in this.

Where does our understanding of the universe come from?

Much of our new understanding about the universe comes from the probes that have been sending back data from ever deeper in space – or orbiting our Sun, like Nasa’s Parker Solar probe. Indeed, the stars – and, lest we forget, our Sun is nothing but a benignly stable star – were the subject of the opening programme.

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