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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of unfamiliarity?

1 The quality of not being known or recognized. ‘One problem is simply the unfamiliarity of the terrain.’ ‘The recording balances warmth and brilliance, and the booklet notes are helpful, given the unfamiliarity of the music.’ ‘Due to the oil's unfamiliarity, it has an unpleasant taste to them.’

What is an example of unfamiliar in a sentence?

Examples of unfamiliar in a Sentence He gets nervous when he is in unfamiliar surroundings. The book is full of unfamiliar words. Recent Examples on the Web For the unfamiliar, colby is generally thought of as a milder form of cheddar but has more texture and tastes sweeter.

What is the meaning of unusualness?

unfamiliarity - unusualness as a consequence of not being well known. strangeness. unusualness - uncommonness by virtue of being unusual. queerness, quirk, quirkiness, oddity, crotchet - a strange attitude or habit.

What is the adjective for not familiar?

not familiar; not acquainted with or conversant about: to be unfamiliar with a subject. different; unaccustomed; unusual; strange: an unfamiliar treat. (postpositive foll by with) not familiar

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