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Frequently Asked Questions

What age do babies go into umbrella strollers?

Mostly, as soon as your child is old enough to hold his head up and you are about to go somewhere, your baby is all set to use a Best Umbrella stroller. Typically, kids under one year of age and less than 36 pounds weight can sit in an umbrella stroller. you can also read our article related to the recommended age for an umbrella stroller .

What age is too old to ride in a stroller?

“Ultimately, there’s really no specific age that’s too old for a stroller since it depends on a number of factors, including where you are at the moment, where you live, how long you’ll be out and your child’s temperament,” says Dr. Jen Trachtenberg, founder of Pediatrician in Your Pocket. “That being said, there certainly are merits to transitioning your child out of a stroller when they’re out and about.”

Do I really need an umbrella stroller?

There is always an umbrella stroller for your baby regardless of his or her weight and age. The right choice, however, depends entirely on you. You are the one who knows what your baby needs and that exactly is what you should deliver for him/her at home.

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