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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there no Page 3 girls in the Sun?

There have been no Page 3 Girls this week, only pictures of bikinied beauties bounding about on beaches. The tradition has ended a decade after The Sun ceded ground by baring enhanced bosoms from its pages. As America seeks to free the nipple, the ever-contrarian Murdoch is doing the opposite.

Is the Sun the best-selling daily in the UK?

- The Sun is still the best-selling daily in the UK. But it's not all rosy for The Sun and Page 3. Over the years there have been many campaigns to remove the feature, which is viewed by many as anti-feminist, and there is even a protest group called 'No More Page 3'.

What is the Sun Page 3 girls 2020 calendar?

A the sun page 3 girls 2020 calendar is utilized by women and men around the globe to regulate their work and different important pursuits. For this reason, chances are you’ll use Calendar for a reminder to remember all these important tasks. A calendar makes it attainable to do that.

Is Page 3 still relevant in the UK?

In the UK and a lot of other places, Page 3 is something everyone knows about. It might not have done much to further the feminist cause, but it has helped a lot of young women become famous and some of them extremely successful, launched by taking photos with very few clothes on. Not that we’re complaining.

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