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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the negatives about political parties?

The Disadvantages of Political Parties. 1. Political parties can be abusive. Not every government is a representative form of government. Communism has political parties. Dictatorships often use political parties. The purpose of the parties in these instances is usually more about enforcement of laws and expectations instead of being ...

What are some examples of political parties?

list of political partiesAlgeriaAngolaArgentinaAustraliaBrazilBulgariaCambodiaCanadaChinaCroatiaMore items...

Are political parties really necessary?

Political parties of course are necessary to run governments they are an essential part of the system. Without out these political parties how would a government run in the first place? There of course has to be someone there to help run the whole system. Where would the function come from?

What is the reason for having political parties?

Political parties serve several key purposes, including selecting and running candidates for political office, controlling power gained by other parties and informing citizens on key issues. In the United States, there are two primary political parties: Republican and Democrat. Both parties operate at the local, state and national level, and candidates are elected to hold positions on a ...

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