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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose the University of Illinois system?

From Rockford to Chicago to the Quad Cities, Peoria and the southern tip of Illinois, the University of Illinois System touches virtually every field, forest and city block in our state. In fact, more than half of all students enrolled in a public university in Illinois are enrolled at one of our three universities.

Who is eligible for the UIUC Creative Cloud program?

Eligibility: UIUC Extramural Students, UIUC Students, University High - Urbana and WebStore Administrators. Quantity: Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise Access for UIUC Students Personal Use (Expires 08/01/2023) This offer provides access to the Adobe Creative Cloud until 08/01/2023.

How many students are in the University of Illinois system?

The University of Illinois System now has 94,750 students across three universities and has surpassed its ambitious goal of topping 93,600 students by the fall of 2021. Our efforts to provide access to more students across the state are producing results, including increasing the number of underrepresented minority students.

What is the UIC online application?

This application is used by UIUC to allow faculty to submit requests for online grade changes. Banner application used by UIC to setup configuration data to allow students to register for recruiting and admissions events. This web application allows maintenance of configuration data for Financial Aid documentation uploads.

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