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Frequently Asked Questions

What does UC San Diego health do?

UC San Diego Health seeks highly motivated, talented and compassionate individuals to help us fulfill our teaching, research and clinical excellence missions.

Where can I find a job at UC San Diego?

These jobs may be located in a variety of locations including the UC San Diego Health System in Hillcrest, Thornton Hospital, Moores Cancer Center in La Jolla and others. The UC San Diego Health System Human Resources office is at 1450 Frazee Road, San Diego, CA 92108-8912.

What services does UCSD hospital provide?

The UC San Diego Health medical centers in Hillcrest and La Jolla supports acute inpatient care and a spectrum of outpatient primary and specialty medical and surgical services, including ambulatory and emergency patient care.

Can a UC San Diego student work at a restaurant?

As a UC San Diego student you can work at any UC San Diego Dining Services facility on campus. Although it may be easier to live and work at the same college, you are not limited to the restaurant in your specific college. Under close supervision, employees will learn to provide general assistance to career food service workers.

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