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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to UC San Diego?

Students can apply to UC San Diego using the UC application. Start your application early to allow time for reflection and feedback from mentors. A first-year applicant is currently in high school or has graduated from high school but has not enrolled in a regular (non-summer) session at a college or university.

How do I submit unopened transcripts to UC San Diego?

Domestic applicants can either bring the unopened transcripts into the office or have your institution (s) submit them electronically to [email protected] or mail them to UC San Diego directly at the following address:

Does UC San Diego accept international students?

UC San Diego enrolls transfer students at the junior level. Students who meet this definition cannot disregard their college record and apply as a first-year. International applicants must meet the same first-year requirements for admission as any other first-year applicant in addition to the international requirements.

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