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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do on the UCSC portal?

Applicants can view their admission status and to-do items. Faculty can view and print class rosters, email their classes, and post grades in MyUCSC. Staff members use the portal to view and update student information and to provide a number of direct services to students.

What is the University of California student health insurance plan?

A comprehensive and affordable program specifically designed for students is available through the university via the University of California Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP).

How do I contact the Student Health Center?

For summer services and hours, or for additional information, visit the Student Health Center website or email [email protected] To ensure that emergencies and other health care costs do not interfere with a student's education, all University of California students are mandated by the UC Regents to carry health insurance.

What is myucsc campus portal?

MyUCSC Campus Portal. MyUCSC is the university's online academic information systems portal for students, applicants, faculty, and staff. It is used by students to enroll in classes, check grades, view financial aid and billing accounts, and update their personal information. Applicants can view their admission status and to-do items.

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