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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get tested at UCSB?

Testing is available also to all undergraduate students living off campus. Appointments may be made through the Student Health Patient Portal Gateway using UCSBnet ID. Testing takes place at at Building 434 (Annex), Room 121. Weekly on-campus testing is required for all students and faculty and staff members who:

What is the UC in-person access policy?

The policy applies to all UC students as a condition of in-person access to UC locations and programs (even if those programs do not take place at a UC location, such as an athletics event or study abroad).

How do I get a medical appointment at student health?

Can't get a Medical Appointment at Student Health today? Go to Live Health Online (24/7) How does it work? Use the online platform or contact support directly. Tell them what you are going through. They will share care options and mental wellness tools that fit your needs and preferences, and get you started right away!

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