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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact UC Santa Barbara?

General Information. Telephone. (805) 893-8000. Mailing Address. UC Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara, California. 93106. Campus Directory. Faculty & Staff.

Why is health and well-being important at UC Santa Barbara?

Students’ health and well-being is embedded in the campus culture and valued as integral to everyone’s success at UC Santa Barbara and post-graduation. Students’ are engaged in habits that strengthen their well-being, are compassionate people who advocate for the health of all individuals.

How do I get a medical appointment at student health?

Can't get a Medical Appointment at Student Health today? Go to Live Health Online (24/7) How does it work? Use the online platform or contact support directly. Tell them what you are going through. They will share care options and mental wellness tools that fit your needs and preferences, and get you started right away!

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