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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of housing does UCSB offer?

UCSB offers university-owned housing in the form of traditional residence halls, undergraduate apartments, graduate apartments, and family student apartments.

What is the Santa Barbara student housing co-op?

The Santa Barbara Student Housing Co-op (SBSHC) provides low rent co-op housing for UCSB students, staff, and faculty, regardless of gender, race, social, political, or religious affiliation, and thereby influences the community to eliminate prejudice and discrimination in the community.

What is UCSB dining?

Welcome to UCSB Dining. CAMPUS DINING is committed to providing fare that is delicious, fresh, local, sustainable, healthy, and high quality. Our aim is to offer an array of options, to satisfy the diverse tastes of our customers.

What are the benefits of living in campus housing?

There are many benefits to living in campus housing, including meeting new people with similar interests, convenient access to campus and dining facilities, a variety of social programs, furnished rooms, and Internet access. Some sophomores, juniors, and seniors choose to return to the residence halls after their first year.

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