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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of housing does UCSB offer?

UCSB offers university-owned housing in the form of traditional residence halls, undergraduate apartments, graduate apartments, and family student apartments.

Is there off-campus housing at UC Santa Barbara?

UC SANTA BARBARA OFF-CAMPUS HOUSING. There are a number of off-campus housing entities available to UC Santa Barbara, students, faculty, and staff. They are located throughout Isla Vista, and are available only to the UCSB affiliated populations.

Where do single graduate students live at UCSB?

San Clemente Villages opened for fall quarter 2008 and is the first UCSB housing facility for single graduate students. The Santa Ynez Apartment Complex is located between the main campus and Isla Vista, and is accessible via bus or off-street bike path. The Sierra Madre Villages opened in Fall 2015.

What is the Santa Barbara student housing co-op?

The Santa Barbara Student Housing Co-op (SBSHC) provides low rent co-op housing for UCSB students, staff, and faculty, regardless of gender, race, social, political, or religious affiliation, and thereby influences the community to eliminate prejudice and discrimination in the community.

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