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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Munger venture part of a solution to UCSB's housing crisis?

The Munger venture appears to be part of that solution, though negotiations continue. Paula Perotte, the mayor of nearby Goleta, said while she and her colleagues were glad to see UCSB moving forward with more beds for students, “we are disappointed in the lack of progress made in providing on-campus housing for faculty, staff, and their families.”

Will Munger's UCSB dorm design work at other universities?

UCSB said in a statement Friday that the project and design of the building will go forward as planned. Munger has also designed a dorm at Stanford University and a library with removable walls at Harvard-Westlake School in Los Angeles. But he has no plans to bring his dorm designs to other universities.

Is UC Santa Barbara preparing for a new student housing development?

Taking a key step to advance a project that will transform the campus residential experience — and the campus itself — UC Santa Barbara has released a notice of preparation for a new student housing development. The building was previously approved as part of the university’s Long Range Development Plan.

What is UC Santa Barbara's project design?

The project design maximizes the proximity of services and amenities for the students, according to Mr. Munger, and gives UC Santa Barbara a “marvelous opportunity to gain an advantage” in student recruitment and retention.

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