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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get help with my ucsbnetid and/or password?

UCSB Net ID Password For assistance with your UCSBNetID and/or password, please visit UCSB Identity Services. Former Students/Alumni UCSB Perm Number UCSB Pin Forgot your perm? Please visit our Perm Lookup. Forgot your PIN? Please visit our PIN Reset. Links & Resources

Is the UCSB application portal open?

The UCSB Applicant Portal is currently closed. and will end on 01/16/2023 at 02:55 PM PT . The Fall 2023 portal is not open. Our team is hard at work preparing our systems to review the applications of student scholars such as yourself.

How do I make a payment to UCSB?

Credit Card and eCheck Payments to UCSB should be made directly by the Student or Parent using a Credit Card or Banking Information owned by the Student or Parent. Do not allow other people to access your account to make payment on your behalf.

How is UC Santa Barbara's ucpath website maintained?

UC Santa Barbara's UCPath website is maintained and updated in a collaborative effort between Academic Personnel (AP), Human Resources (HR), Payroll and the Kronos Electronic Timekeeping Teams (BFS), along with ITS Services. Business Officers and Transactional Users should contact the appropriate department regarding issues in UCPath.

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