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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Munger Hall at UCSB?

His controversial plans for Munger Hall at UCSB — an 11-story building that would provide almost 4,500 windowless beds for undergraduates — led a consulting architect to quit in October. Munger donated $200 million to UCSB to fund the dorms, with the stipulation that his designs are followed.

What does Munger's concept mean for UCSB?

Munger’s concept is to increase the number of students the building can hold while still giving them some privacy and encouraging them to spend a lot of their time in the common areas for socializing and collaboration. (A UCSB presentation for a hearing in July includes many drawings and plans, along with technical details.)

How big is the Munger Graduate Residences?

He helped fund and design the Munger Graduate Residences, which opened at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in 2019. That 380,000-square-foot building is but a fraction of the size of the proposed Santa Barbara dorm, which checks in at almost 1.7 million square feet — and which the Santa Barbara Independent has baptized “Dormzilla.”

Could a billionaire donor design a UC Santa Barbara dorm?

A billionaire donor's design for a mega dorm that would pack UC Santa Barbara students into largely windowless rooms has drawn widespread criticism and prompted the resignation of a consulting architect.

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