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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 2021-22 general catalog for UC Santa Barbara?

Greetings, and welcome to the 2021-22 General Catalog for UC Santa Barbara. This comprehensive resource will serve as a helpful roadmap as you explore the broad array of courses, programs, activities, and services available on our campus. I encourage you to refer to it often.

Is biology offered at UCSB?

UCSB biology offers over 200 courses from the MCDB and EEMB departments. Over 200 courses are offered in MCDB and EEMB. These courses are offered at 3 levels. Lower division courses (numbered 1-99) are taken by freshman and sophomores as part of the preparation for their major or as general education courses.

Is UC Santa Barbara a good school for Hispanics?

Newsweek has named UC Santa Barbara the "Best Hispanic-Serving Institution" in the nation. We are ranked No. 6 among the top public universities in the country; No. 9 worldwide for producing Nobel laureates in this century; and No. 2 among the nation’s top colleges most committed to economic diversity.

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