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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to mybarc?

To access MyBARC, visit Students are required to have a valid UCSBNetID to log in. BARC office provides student support. Core IT (Enterprise Technology Services) provides technical support.

Is there a fraud scheme at UCSB?

We have received reports that several UCSB students have become victims of a Fraud Scheme whereby a third party is using stolen credit cards to make payments to the University. Credit Card and eCheck Payments to UCSB should be made directly by the Student or Parent using a Credit Card or Banking Information owned by the Student or Parent.

How can I get a financial aid refund from UCSB?

UCSB is committed to getting financial aid refunds to students in the safest and most expedient means possible. To that end, we strongly encourage all students receiving financial aid to enroll in eRefund. eRefund is a system that provides UCSB with the ability to issue a direct deposit of funds to a student’s personal checking or savings account.

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