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Frequently Asked Questions

Why apply to UC Santa Barbara?

Whether you’re at the start of your academic career or moving to your next chapter, UC Santa Barbara is the launching pad for countless endeavors. Below, you’ll find links to everything you need to know about applying. Top rankings? World-class education? Done and done. Ideal location? Check.

How do I Find my UC application ID number?

UC Santa Barbara Admissions Portal -. If you cannot locate your UC Application ID number, please contact the UC Application Processing Service: UC Application Center. P.O. Box 4438. Greenwood Village, CO 80155. (800) 207-1710 – toll free in the U.S. (925) 298-6856 – outside the U.S.

Who can register for UC application and UC personal insight question webinars?

High school students can register now for UC Application and UC Personal Insight Question webinars. Transfers can register for UC TAP, UCSB TAG, and major-specific webinars. UC Application is Open!

Is the UC application for undergraduate admission open?

The UC application for undergraduate admission is now open. Don't forget to submit from November 1-30. The Office of Admissions is closed to the public but we are available to help virtually: visit our FAQ page first or our contact us page. Visit the UC Santa Barbara COVID page for more campus information.

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