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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a UCSB access card?

You will need to show a photo ID when you pick up your card Staff/Faculty/Visitor: Send an email to [email protected] requesting the card. Include a picture (jpeg) of the person needing a card plus a recharge form with the account # to be charged and we will send the card via campus mail. We are unable to accept cash or check at this time.

Is the UCSB application portal open?

The UCSB Applicant Portal is currently closed. and will end on 01/16/2023 at 02:55 PM PT . The Fall 2023 portal is not open. Our team is hard at work preparing our systems to review the applications of student scholars such as yourself.

How does UCSB get financial aid refunds?

UCSB is committed to getting financial aid refunds to students in the safest and most expedient means possible. To that end, we strongly encourage all students receiving financial aid to enroll in eRefund. eRefund is a system that provides UCSB with the ability to issue a direct deposit of funds to a student’s personal checking or savings account.

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