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Frequently Asked Questions

What is UCLA national ranking?

UCLA has consistently performed well in a variety of national and international rankings. In September, UCLA ranked No. 14 worldwide and No. 10 in the United States in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

What is the ranking of UCLA?

UCLA ranked No. 8 in the world by U.S. News and World Report. The rankings, which focus on institutions’ research performance and reputation, also list UCLA as the No. 2 public institution in the United States. The survey ranked 750 universities from 57 nations using 12 weighted indicators to measure each university’s research performance.

What county is UCLA hospital in?

Harbor-UCLA Medical Center is one of only five level one trauma centers in Los Angeles County. The hospital is the cornerstone of healthcare services for more than 700,000 residents in the greater South Bay catchment area.

Where is UCLA Health Center?

The renowned UCLA Medical Center is located in the southern region of the UCLA campus in West Los Angeles, California. The hospital lies within walking distance of Westwood Village, a bustling neighborhood featuring numerous shops, museums, movie theaters and restaurants.

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