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Frequently Asked Questions

What logo does UCLA use for school?

School and department logos are created by UCLA Marketing as part of a system combining the campus logo with the name of the school or department. The UCLA Script Logo is used by the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and appears on team uniforms and sportswear. Use is restricted.

Where do I put the UCLA Health logo on a brochure?

Typically booklets, brochures and reports use the logo on the front or back covers. Flyers and ads often use the logo near the bottom to anchor the layout. Only rarely is the UCLA Health logo the focal point of a layout. A photograph, headline or title may well be larger or carry more visual weight.

Why choose UCLA Health?

Your best care begins at UCLA Health. #1 in California and top 3 in the nation – our ranking gives you and your family the confidence you need. As the global pandemic has shown, we cannot take our health for granted. Where you go for health care matters. From the Central Coast to the South Bay.

What is uucla health?

UCLA Health is focused on the promotion of equity and inclusion throughout our health care system. Find out the many ways we are accomplishing this. Subscribe to UCLA Health newsletters and publications to stay in the know on latest developments to help you and your family.

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