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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does UCLA primary care offer?

On-site services: Many of our primary care practices offer on-site imaging, blood draws and lab work, behavioral health services and pharmacy consultations. Some also have dermatology, cardiology and cardiac imaging, endocrinology and diabetes care, and other UCLA Health specialty physicians right in the same building.

Why choose a PCP at UCLA Health?

The primary care physicians (PCPs) at UCLA Health are here for you in all stages of your life. As the point person for your health care, your PCP should always be your first point of contact. Whether you’re sick, injured or have a general health concern, you’ll receive outstanding, individualized care.

Does my UCLA Health have free WiFi?

One about the My UCLA Health building planning. Another about their free WiFi. Even though My UCLA health occupies two large buildings right next to each other, they were unable to find space for X-ray room. They offer free WiFi, but that WiFi is seriously slow for 2021.

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