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Frequently Asked Questions

What is routine breast care at UCLA?

UCLA Breast Health. Breast Health Routine care is the best way to keep you and your breasts healthy. Although detecting breast cancer at its earliest stages is the main goal of routine breast care, other benign conditions, such as fibrocystic breasts or cysts, are often discovered during routine care. Learn more >.

Why choose uucla breast health?

UCLA Breast Health is ready and prepared to welcome back patients for all breast health needs. This includes patients due to come in for routine breast care and follow-up appointments, as well as patients who require breast surgery or treatment for malignant or benign breast disease.

Where can I get breast care in Torrance?

Please schedule your in-person or telemedicine appointment today > Dr. Anna Houterman is now be providing breast care at UCLA Torrance and the new UCLA Torrance Surgery Center and Nurse Practitioner, Audrey Cano, is now be providing breast care at the UCLA Santa Monica Benign Breast Clinic!

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