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Frequently Asked Questions

What is UCI Health zoom?

UCI Health Zoom is a HIPAA Compliant video, web conferencing, and teleconferencing tool, now available to UCI Health faculty and staff, as well as members of the College of Health Sciences.

How many students can a UCI Zoom meeting have?

Regular UCI Zoom accounts can host meetings with a maximum of 300 simultaneous participants. Instructors teaching large classes with 300 or more students will receive additional assistance from Classroom Technologies to ensure that they have the tools they need for their courses.

How do I get a zoom PRO account?

If you have an HS account, sign in here. For further assistance, and to download the Zoom client, see the links at the bottom of the page. To request a Zoom Pro Account for Non-HS users, or for any other support issues, please contact the UCI Health Service Desk at 714-456-3333.

Can I use UCI images as Zoom backgrounds?

Strategic Communications has created a set of beautiful UCI images you can use as Zoom backgrounds. A small subset is already available on UCI Zoom. View and download more. Departments may purchase a Zoom Room license in order to configure a conference room or meeting space for efficient drop-in Zoom use.

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