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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact UC Santa Barbara?

General Information. Telephone. (805) 893-8000. Mailing Address. UC Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara, California. 93106. Campus Directory. Faculty & Staff.

Is the UC Santa Barbara campus open?

Please note: The UC Santa Barbara campus is now open with restrictions. Please visit the Campus Visits webpage to make the most of your visit. Guided and self-guided visit options are now available to explore the UCSB campus. Please visit the Campus Visits website to view more information and register.

Who is the Chancellor of UC Santa Barbara?

Office of the Chancellor. Chancellor Yang and his wife, Dilling, live on campus. The Chancellor guides UC Santa Barbara in its research, teaching and service mission, shaping the university’s direction and long-term strategy by collaborating with constituents on campus, in the broader community, across the University of California and nationwide.

What is UC Santa Barbara's leadership?

UC Santa Barbara’s leadership plays a critical role in our university’s stellar reputation, and in advancing it even further. Our administration is as essential to our daily operations as they are to our global research impact, cutting-edge scholarship and dynamic social culture. Henry T. Yang was named UC Santa Barbara’s fifth chancellor in 1994.

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