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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the University of Alberta's campuses located?

Learn about each of the unique campuses that make up the fifth largest university in Canada. Our original campus that blends the historic with cutting edge: University of Alberta's North Campus is located in the province's capital of Edmonton, on the edge of the North Saskatchewan River valley.

Do You need Help parking at the University of Alberta?

Whether you need to park your car, truck or motorcycle, Parking Services can help. Restricted: Permits for other University of Alberta parking facilities are never valid in this lot.

How do I log off my UAlberta application?

Learn more To log off all web applications including UAlberta applications such as BearTracks, Google Apps, and eClass be sure to: Quit/exit the web browser application (not simply close the web window). If you encounter someone else's UAlberta session that is still active, please immediately log off and quit/exit the browse application.

What is the University of Alberta Botanic Garden?

Formerly known as the Devonian Botanic Garden, The University of Alberta Botanic Garden is a stunning and extremely popular 240-acre property located in Parkland County 15 minutes southwest of Edmonton, with cultivated plant collections, indoor showhouses, an extensive nature trail system, and famous gardens including the Kurimoto Japanese Gardens.

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