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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Interstate 10 closed?

Interstate 10 is closed Thursday morning (March 17) in both directions at the Texas state line. It's the third day of the closure. Rising flood water from the Sabine River was covering the interstate on the Texas side, according to the Louisiana Department of Transportation and the Texas Department of Transportation.

What is road closure?

Full Road Closure. Full road closure is designed to eliminate the exposure of motorists to work zones and workers to traffic by temporarily closing a facility for rehabilitation or maintenance. During full road closure, traffic is detoured, allowing workers full access to roadway facilities. It is not suitable for all construction situations.

What is the toll road in Texas?

Toll roads in Texas are located in Fort Worth, Dallas, Tyler, Austin, and Houston. The Harris County Toll Road system (EZ TAG) covers approximately 103 miles of roadway in the Houston / Harris County area.

What is the Texas Highway Department?

The Texas Legislature created the Texas Highway Department in 1916 to administer federal highway construction and maintenance. In 1975, its responsibilities increased when the agency merged with the Texas Mass Transportation Commission, to form the State Department of Highways and Public Transportation.

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