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Frequently Asked Questions

When do you stop at traffic lights?

If the traffic signal is flashing red, drivers should treat it the same as a stop sign. Yellow flashing traffic light. If the traffic signal is flashing yellow, drivers should slow down and yield. Blacked out traffic signals. If a traffic signal is out of order, drivers should stop and treat it as if there are stop signs in all directions.

Do traffic lights have light sensors?

A computer algorithm detects the presence of a vehicle in the lane of traffic and triggers the light. This is a type of machine vision--i.e. the traffic light can "see" a car in front of it. Some lights have no sensors. Instead, they use a fixed timer to change the light on regular intervals.

What's the correct sequence for traffic lights?

Red - stop and wait at the stop line. Red and amber - stop and wait. Green - go if the way ahead is clear. Amber - stop, unless

Can emergency vehicles control traffic lights?

The result is safer, more efficient traffic flow for both emergency service and transit vehicles.”. Murphy said the small box on fire trucks and ambulances, as well as equipment installed on specific traffic lights, will allow the crews to change any red lights they come across to green.

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