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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TxDOT type II pavement marking?

Paints are classified by TxDOT as Type II pavement markings, with material specifications falling under DMS-8200, WPT-12, and YPT-12 for white and yellow, respectively. The current DMS-8200 specification specifically calls for Rohm-Haas Fast Track HD-21A or Dow DT-400 acrylic emulsion resins.

What is the best way to strip TxDOT roads?

Hot-Sprayed. Hot-sprayed thermoplastic is the most common application method used for striping on TxDOT roadways and provides many advantages over other application types. The main difference between sprayed thermoplastic and the other application methods is that the hot thermoplastic is combined with pressurized air in spray applications.

Does TxDOT allow solvent-based paint?

TxDOT has not allowed solvent-based paint for many years, relying exclusively on water-based formulations. In addition, most state DOTs have disallowed solvent-based paints. Water-based paints are environmentally friendly, are much easier to handle than solvent-based paints, and greatly decrease the safety hazards to workers.

What is a county traffic signal signature block plan?

County Traffic Signal Signature Blocks Plan is done by a CONSULTANT/CITY COUNTY has a percent of Jurisdiction Additional City Signature "Approved" Blocks May Be Required *NOTE: Signing, vehicle heads, loops, and conduit/pull boxes. For major work, use signature block 7.

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