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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is responsible for the collection of crash data in Texas?

As per Texas Transportation Code Chapter 550, TxDOT is responsible for the collection and analysis of crash data submitted by Texas law enforcement officers on form CR-3, Texas Peace Officer's Crash Report. TxDOT maintains a statewide, automated database for reportable motor vehicle traffic crashes received by TxDOT.

How can I obtain crash data from TxDOT?

Users may also obtain publicly available crash data through TxDOT’s CRIS Query tool. This application allows public users to query, extract and/or analyze publicly available crash data.

What is a Texas peace officer crash report form?

TEXAS PEACE OFFICER’S CRASH REPORT (FORM CR-3) OVERVIEW The Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Report (form CR-3) is a vital document used in the collection of crash data by law enforcement throughout the State of Texas.

What is the Texas Transportation Code for turning in a crash?

Texas Transportation Code: Section 545.101. • 66. TURNED WHEN UNSAFE: When a vehicle turns right or left or moves from a direct course when the turn or movement could not be made safely and the action contributes to the crash. Texas Transportation Code: Section 545.103.

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