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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit my CCIS application to Texas Department of Transportation?

Complete the web application in CCIS Online. 2. Submit your application by selecting the "Send Notification" button, which notifies TxDOT that the application or update is complete. 3. TxDOT has 60 days to review your application after receipt of complete and accurate information.

Where can I find information about TxDOT?

It's in our community. Call 844-643-2251. 24/7. Toll Free. Confidential. Learn more about Texas travel, driving laws and highway safety. Research studies and laws and learn how we work with communities. Learn about TxDOT business resources and the bidding process.

How do I gain access to CCIS online?

To gain access to CCIS Online, you must complete the following steps. 1. Obtain a User ID for using CCIS by completing the following three forms: Scan the filled-out forms and combine them into one PDF file. Follow these instructions to submit the completed file. 2. Receive your assigned User ID (ACID) via email.

How does TxDOT make a decision about whether to precertify?

How does TxDOT make a decision about whether to precertify a firm? Precertification is determined by the information submitted in the "Personnel Information and Experience" section, specifically the "Projects" subsection.

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