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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a magic show in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas has a magical atmosphere and there’s no better place to see a magic show. Excellent magicians like Criss Angel, David Copperfield, and Penn and Teller perform Las Vegas shows. If you’re talking about signature events in Sin City, it’s impossible to ignore the astounding magic shows.

What is a Magic Stick TV?

Every 'As Seen on TV' Antenna We Tested Is Bad (or Overpriced) Magic Stick TV. The Magic Stick is simply a 9-inch piece of PVC plastic pipe with an antenna stuck inside. ... TV Free-Way (aka, As Seen on TV Digital HD Antenna) Sometimes, buyers need to beware of recommendations from manufacturers. The TV Free-Way provides a prime example. Ultra HD Clear Vision TV Antenna. ... Bottom Line. ...

What is the Magic TV Stick?

Magic Stick TV™ is engineered to optimize the reception of live free UHF and VHF digital television signals. Our Patented Antenna can pull Over-The-Air (OTA) signals from all directions. No power or Tools is needed, installs in minutes and does NOT compare with ANYTHING sold in stores.

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