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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does AAA roadside assistance cost?

Unlike many other roadside assistance providers, AAA has multiple membership levels, which can cost anywhere between $7.62 to $23.16 per month. To give you an idea of AAA’s different pricing, check out the costs below for a Colorado resident.

How much does an AAA membership cost?

AAA Classic Memberships cost $59 per year. Add additional members of your household to your plan at a discounted rate, and they’ll receive the same benefits—including AAA’s famed roadside assistance, no matter whose car they’re in.

What are the benefits of an AAA membership?

AAA members get at least 12% off moving truck rentals with Penske, the club’s official truck rental partner. Additional benefits include: 12% off eligible moving supply rentals or purchases (such as hand trucks and moving boxes) Unlimited mileage on one-way rentals

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